You don’t have to walk far in Tuscany to find modern glass blowers creating masterpieces to be inset into centuries’ old architecture. While there, you can wander past the crisscrossing canals, where pretty gondolas pass under historical, arched bridges. Stop and admire a palace, a mere 30 yards from a quaint piazza, at the foot of Mount Etna. Pause and eat the local faire…prized olives, and baskets upon baskets of fresh Blood Oranges, tangy Red Grapefruits and Merlot Mandarins. There’s a heartiness in this country - and it translates into the food. - which, of course, translates into everything else. Use every sense to explore our Tuscan Orange. Zesty. Infused with Melon, Peach, Jasmine and Tonka Beans…and, here’s a hint. There’s a little something extra tossed in…from a vineyard in the not so distant…distance.


Is it Orange Wine? Champagne? Food? Whatever it is, I’ll have another!

You make “Aromatic Art!”