When you walk through the Greek countryside, you can't help but be transported back to the Old Country... where the aroma of Kalamata olives grow, almond-shaped, plump and dark purple on the shore side of the Peloponnese peninsula. These olives must be hand-picked in order to avoid bruising. To this Mediterranean delight, we've added a burst of Sicilian Lemon on top of a unique blend of Bourbon Geranium, Caraway Thyme, and Rosemary Essential Oils. The result is as warm as a sunset on an August night in the Gulf of Corinth. A world away - close to home.


I wanted to cry when I opened it. It smelled just like home. I haven’t been home to Corinth in many years.

The earthy freshness of this fragrance in your body butter carries me away. (And my stretch marks, too ;)

I have always liked "all things olive." Now I've found one I LOVE!