The Tale of Piper Cove

In November of 1493, Christopher Columbus, on his second voyage to the Caribbean, wrote in his ship’s log about finding, “a deserted village filled with serpent-carved pillars and piles of freshly picked, strange foods - no doubt left for the gods.” He described one unknown fruit as having an abrasive, pinecone exterior and sweet interior pulp, “like an apple.” As cane sugar and fresh fruits were a rarity, in Europe, when he returned home with his newfound delicacy, the King was enraptured. 

In time, the sea captains of Europe became the sea captains of America. It didn’t take long for seasoned traders to add pineapples to their “buy and barter” lists of spices, rums and natural dyes they wanted from the Islands; and, a new tradition was borne. When a captain would make landfall, he would spear a pineapple on a post outside his sleeping quarters to let his men know of his safe return from sea. The pineapple was an invitation for them to visit, share in his treasures and hear his tales of voyage and home.

It would be another 200 years before European royalty perfected a hothouse method of growing tropical pineapples. As late as the 17th century, the exotic fruit remained so uncommon and coveted, that King Charles II posed with one, for an official portrait, as a symbolic act of secret royal privilege.

Piper Cove is another symbolic secret - a hideaway - near the village where Columbus first encountered his prized fruit… the only cold-water, spring-fed lagoon in the southernmost tip of North America. The name Piper Cove comes from this story because pineapples cling to native trees along the windswept shorelines of all 17 countries where we source raw ingredients for our botanical bath and body line. From Aruba to Cape Town, from Jakarta to New Zealand and from Marrakech to the Seychelles, Piper Cove’s pristine natural butters, herbs, sugars, spices, vitamins, minerals, oils and salts are here to soothe and heal you. 

The pineapple is there to remind you:  You are always welcome! Indulge, yourself, in our organic treasures; and, thank you for listening to our tale!

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